Background Info



  Stiegel Glassworks 1976 principal mission is to preserve the heritage of Manheim Borough, founded by Henry William Stiegel, with a glass manufactory on S Charlotte Street, about 2 blocks from our present location. We produce art glass using the traditional techniques used in 1762. Stiegel glass in the day was renowned throughout the colonies and still viewed as valuable museum pieces on display at our own Railroad Station museum, Corning Glass, and the Hershey Museum.  Original pieces are identifiable only by matching styles and designs as they were not necessarily permanently marked for point of origin. Each of our current pieces are hand etched with our name and year the item was produced. 

Manheim Historical Society has additional information.

Our Board

The current board is headed by glass artisan Jeremy Friedly.  Board member Skip Hetrich remains from 1976 when glass blowing was resurrected in Manheim to celebrate the United States Bicentennial. Community members with various volunteer and career credentials residual from our Main Street™ program, and  Manheim Historical Society.  

Continuing Mission

Our group continues to view glass blowing tradition vital to maintaining a view on the Borough’s heritage, historic preservation and a fine art form. We provide education through glass blowing tours to students, senior citizens and all who venture to visit our studio. We offer “Make-N-Take” experiences where our guests are guided by artisans in creating their own art glass. Sessions are scheduled by appointment. Photo archives show our prior Senator Brubaker in the act of glass blowing at our site. We are pleased to boast ‘partnership’ with the Manheim Historical Society with our studio location sharing a space on the Railroad station museum complex at 210 S. Charlotte Street. 


Retail sales are available at  Longenecker’s True Value Hardware, and by appointment at the Studio. Custom orders are also fulfilled. Trophies are created for a variety of organizations and purposes. Etch and gold fill text is formatted through Susquehanna Glass. Replacement pieces have been manufactured to client specifications for otherwise irreplaceable glass elements of antique lighting fixtures. 

Our current reality

Studio hours are limited. Heating the furnace to 2200 degrees requires us to plan and seize the opportunity for production, tours, and hands on experiences.  In other words, get it while its HOT!.  Other 'cold' visits can be interesting too,  We demonstrate the tools and equipment used and the results of our artisans labor at the Studio.  Speaking engagments to discuss the process and activities of our organization can be arranged.


Phone contact: 717-940-1382. 


Physical Location:

210 S. Charlotte Street, Rear (corner Railroad and Cherry Sts) Manheim, PA 17545